San Diego Memories

September 2008, the very  first time that I saw the Pacific Ocean.. I made a business trip to San Diego, CA, the city famous with its harbor, zoo and beaches, close to the border of Mexico.

In that business trip my time was very limited. I succeded to make visits to its harbor, shopping centers and extensive beaches. I have never seen such huge beaches and sea waves. Besides, I was so  frustrated with its down town since I was expecting to see the one like the New York City :) 

Anyway, when you go San Diego there are so many things to do, spend a good time. You can visit Sea World San Diego. I heard that they have so many great shows. You will also have a chance to see lots of fish, whales and dolphins. Other famous places to visit are Legoland, San Diego Zoo and Balboo Park.

In San Diego we made a chance to go La Jolla beach. It was so good to walk around. There I saw seals laying down on the beach which was so interesting to me and also large waves.   


We also witnessed one of  the wedding which was near the ocean side.It was so lovely  and homelike.

Since the Mexico not so far away you can taste good Mexican food in old town of San Diego. You can eat delicious carne asada burritos and beef tacos which ever you want.

San Diego, in a few word; large sandy beaches, lovely weather,  appealing oceanside and magnificient sunset.

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